Legal services (taxes)

Buying property in Spain and opening a business in this country has become a common thing for many Russians. However, most of them do not know the laws of this country, or habitually neglect them, which is especially true of filing a tax return, which is necessary not only in case of receiving any income, but also simply in the presence of real estate.

Who is considered a taxpayer?

Taxes are levied on residents who:

· Are located in Spain more than 183 days a year;

· Have economic interests in this country or carry out some kind of entrepreneurial activity;

· Have a husband / wife and children of the said person in the country;

· Are the owner of real estate (houses, apartments, land, there is also a tourist tax if the object being leased is located in an attractive place for tourists), a vehicle and / or a bank deposit.

Non-residents pay taxes only on the last item (all positions).

Non-payment (or untimely payment) of taxes leads to serious consequences - blocking a personal account in the bank, difficulties during the application to state bodies, receiving a refusal to extend the residence, etc. In addition, there are penalties - 150% of the hidden amount, 50% of the paid part of the amount, other.

In order to exclude these problems, it is recommended to contact MFC-MultiFunctional Center, both for consultation and for entering into a contract, as a result of which we will be responsible for preparing the client's tax documents and making timely payments, and also become its authorized representatives in the tax service Spain.

Services we offer

Solving Legal and Tax Issues

All problems quickly and profitably for the client will be resolved by our employees - when communicating offline, online and over the phone. Free consultations on any issues are provided.

Control of all taxes

Taxes that can only be requested by a Spanish taxpayer from a given person are considered, and a report on them is provided. The latter indicates the analysis of the tax situation, the calculation of taxes for a certain period of time, as well as for previous years.

Our specialist, attached to this client, performs the following services:

· Submits a declaration of income tax;

· Notifies the client about the forthcoming payment of taxes;

· Provides 100% online accessibility of the client to the personal cabinet, where all taxes and movement of funds are displayed.

Control of actions carried out with real estate

This includes:

· Registration of real estate tax (IBI);

· Determination of the value of the object;

· Tracking the change in the cost of a square meter on the market;

· Income - active - when leasing, passive - up to 2% of the cadastral value of the property;

· Expenses - for the maintenance and services that are provided to the client at the specified address (garbage collection, street cleaning, parking, etc.).


If the address is incorrect or the taxpayer's status is incorrectly determined, serious mistakes arise, which can lead to an alleged debt to the state, and require a prompt and competent decision.

All documents with which our specialist works are provided to the client (if necessary) in Russian.

"MFC - MultiFunctional Center" is a reliable company that will solve any problems professionally and in the shortest possible time, cope with the problems of the client, provide him with a comfortable life in Spain.

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