Spain is the best resorts in the world, an excellent mild climate suitable for both holiday and permanent residence, as well as a low crime rate, a benevolent local people, affordable prices. If you want to buy or rent a residential or commercial property, then the company "MFC - MultiFunctional Center" will help in this.

Property For Sale

The main specialization of our organization is the realization of real estate in Spain. The catalog offers a variety of proposals: comfortable apartments in places with well-developed infrastructure and transport interchange, new buildings a few minutes from the beach, houses and villas, buried in greenery, commercial facilities. Average prices for a comfortable apartment in the south of the country - from 40 to 140 thousand euros, a similar apartment in the north will cost twice as much, but even this cost will be lower than the property offered in France and Italy.

What does the full service package include?

· Consultations (provided free of charge) for the choice of real estate and familiarization with the legislation of the country.

· Selection of the object - each proposal is equipped with a photo and description, a project with floor drawings.

· Legal verification of real estate - for lack of legal claims, arrests, etc.

· Bidding with the seller, which can reduce the initial cost by a significant amount.

· Arrangement of a buyer's trip to Spain (the company undertakes the preparation of all documents), meeting him at the airport, settling in a hotel and providing other services.

· Maintenance of the purchase and sale transaction with subsequent registration and registration of the object received by the client in the property.

Escort of the client during the inspection of the object of purchase

If the buyer has already found the necessary object for himself, but he needs a legally competent translator to make preliminary negotiations, our consultant will not only escort the object and translate the said sellers, but will consider all details of the transaction, confirm its legal validity, which will save the client from serious errors.

Opening a bank account in Spain

The influx of non-residents into the country, wishing to purchase real estate, in recent years has acquired considerable scope, which led to some delays in opening an account for transferring money for the purchase of real estate. Our representative will help to resolve the matter without delay and trouble, in no time at all.

Receipt of identification code - foreign tax number

Without this document, a non-resident will not be able to make a purchase transaction, purchase large and valuable items, a car, a yacht, etc. A code is issued in a special police department. Solve the issue of personal manager, provided by our company, will be able in the shortest possible time.

Assistance in obtaining an extract from the real property register

Making such a document will take a lot of time, money and nerves. Contacting our company will solve the problem in a matter of days.


Regardless of whether a non-resident decides to purchase real estate for his own residence or renting, he will need a residence permit that will:

Receive medical insurance;

· Teach children in schools in the country free of charge;

· To issue a vehicle in ownership;

· Apply for permanent resident status and permanent residence;

· Purchase a ready-made business or register your own business;

· Without issuing visas to enter the EU countries and reside there with the family for 90 days a year.

To obtain a residence permit, a non-resident must collect a full package of documents with a quality translation into Spanish, sign up for an appointment with the embassy, ​​pass an interview and wait for an answer, which may take more than three months.

Our company provides low-cost services in the form of residence permits for residence in the country, purchase of real estate and business organization, training and employment, family reunification, as well as a visa for a pensioner (or disinterested residence), a Golden Visa. The service is provided in the shortest time, complete support is provided.

In addition, the company "MFC - MultiFunctional Center" offers a variety of services associated with the acquisition of real estate and residence in Spain.

Rental Property
The selection of a residential or commercial object in any place in Spain, the execution of a contract.

Assistance in obtaining a mortgage

Spain - a loyal country for a non-resident, who wants to buy real estate in the mortgage almost always go to a meeting, giving out 50-60% or even 80% for the purchase of an apartment, etc. At the same time, the interest rate is only 3.2 - 3.7 % per annum for up to 30 years.

Our company has vast experience in working with banks on the issue of mortgage issuance, re-registration of loans and the opening of new ones. The assistance of our specialists will greatly facilitate the task for the buyer and will speed up the delivery of funds.

Property management

· Supervision. A service is applied if the client does not live in the country. Our specialists conduct regular visits to the facility, call for repair for masters (if required), cleaning service employees - for cleaning in anticipation of the arrival of the owner.

Concierge service. It is ordered if the owners live in Spain, but do not have time to solve domestic problems. Complex service includes cleaning the pool, booking tickets for airplanes, football, etc., paying for utilities, equipping the rooms with furniture and appliances, caring for the garden, preparing insurance, selecting staff and much more. other

· Repair service. Specialists are developing a design project, estimates, are engaged in the procurement of materials and the selection of a team of builders and finishers, maintenance of the repair up to the delivery of the facility "turnkey".

In addition, we can get help in buying and insuring the car and in. transport, the adaptation of beginners in Spain, escort to a medical institution and many others. other

The company «MFC - MultiFunctional Center» has been working in the field of real estate in Spain since 2012. During this short period, we have proven ourselves as professional executors of our commitments, as evidenced by the feedback from customers.

Call us, and we will do our best and the impossible to carry out the client's plan, help him to buy a house or start a business in Spain.

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