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Spain is an economically prosperous country with a comfortable climate. This is a resort area with a stable growth in the price of real estate, the demand for which is available to buyers around the world. Acquisition of real estate in Spain - it's an excellent investment, the ability to beautifully relax when you want, as well as get a good profit from the rental of real estate.

The advantage of buying a property in Spain is a loyal attitude towards non-residents
Spain is a country that is most friendly to non-residents who purchase real estate on its territory. There are no restrictions at all. The country's leadership has signed an international agreement on double taxation, so that a person can be the owner of housing in several states, but only pay taxes in one of them. If a non-resident is required, Spanish banks will grant him a mortgage loan to pay up to 80% of the value of the property with an annual rate of 3.2 - 3.7% for a period of 5 to 30 years (if for the last payment the borrower will be no more than 75 years) . In some cases, a 100% loan is issued.

However, the purchase of Spanish real estate is a serious step that requires careful study of the issue and preparation - without the services of professionals it is indispensable.

The company «MFC - MultiFunctional Center» provides a full range of services to the buyer - from obtaining advice to full support of the transaction, etc. Only having secured our support, you can get a successful and desired result.

Services we provide

· Free consultations on the purchase of real estate in Spain, here also includes acquaintance of the client with the norms of the legislation of the given countries, peculiarities of registration of the transaction.

· Selection of real estate. In our catalog there are apartments and villas of different classes, chalets and studios, penthouses and townhouses, commercial real estate that you can rent out or use for business development. During the search, absolutely all Spanish real estate is considered - placed in open and closed (exclusive offers) resources, arrested and even put up for auction. We work not only with the objects of our own base, but also represented by other Spanish agencies, and direct owners of real estate, as well as banking real estate.

· Full legal verification of the object before its acquisition - for arrests, restrictions and encumbrances, legal claims.

· Implementation of bargaining with the seller, which can lead to a significant reduction in the initial value of the object.

· Arrangement of client's departure to Spain for consideration of the object (at the request of the buyer).

· Assistance in obtaining the identification code.

· Assistance in opening a bank account, transferring funds to the bank of Spain and obtaining a loan (if necessary).

· Registration and registration of the purchased object.

Review of prices for housing in Spain
Acceptable value of real estate - another reason for buying a home in Spain - the most luxurious apartments on the azure coast will be much cheaper than similar housing in France and Italy.

Each region of the country is distinguished by its price policy:

· Valencia is the most popular place for buyers. On the coast of Costa Blanca you can buy an apartment for only 500 € per square meter, in the province of Alicante - from 600 to 2 thousand euros per square.

· Catalonia - the historic center on the Mediterranean coast, the average cost per square meter. m of housing is about 1500 €.

· Costa Dorada and Costa Brava - accommodation here is in demand by lovers of beach holidays and is optimal for renting - prices more than profitable - 900 - 1500 € per square.

· Andalusia - a place located between the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar, is characterized by picturesque nature. Buy an apartment in the fashionable resort of Puerto Banus and in the prestigious Marbella can be only 200 thousand euros, and in the cozy province of Almeria - for 150 000 €.

· Madrid is a beautiful city, in the sleeping area of ​​which apartments are offered for 600 € per square meter. m, who want to settle in the center will need to fork out - here the cost per square meter is about 1650 €.

· Canaries - islands with excellent nature and mild climate, the cost of real estate from 1200 to 1500 € per sq. M. m.

· Mallorca and Ibiza - you can buy an apartment here for 2 000 € per square.

Costs for the acquisition of real estate
To buy an object in Spain, a non-resident will need a minimum package of documents, which includes a passport and a valid visa, an identification number (issued to the police). With the help of an identification number, a foreigner can obtain a residence permit in Spain, loans in banks of the country, and make major purchases.

In the process of purchasing new housing, the buyer pays:

· Notarial fee (the amount depends on the value of the object and land);

· Registration fee (charged for entering information about
In the process of purchasing new housing, the buyer pays:

· Notarial fee (the amount depends on the value of the object and land);

· Registration fee (charged for entering information about ownership in the Real Estate Register of the country);

· State duty IVA;

· Stamp duty.

The purchase of secondary housing will require the payment of the following taxes:

Transfer of property rights;

· Notarial fee;

· Registration fee;

· Expenses for the office.

In addition, in both cases you will need to open an account with the bank.

After completing all the formalities and the sale and purchase transaction, the owner is given a certificate of ownership - Escritura Publica.

Advantages of working with us
· In the process of selecting the object, the client is provided with a complete package of information on each proposal - proximity to the sea, infrastructure development, transport interchange, the presence of a historical architecture near the facility, the ecological character of the region and the features of the environment, available views and panoramas.

· For each object in the catalog, its real photos, a full plan and a drawing for each floor separately, details and explanations are presented.

· A thorough knowledge of Spanish by our specialists, if necessary, an interpreter is provided to the client.

· Registration of property rights to the object with full legal support and guarantee of confidentiality at all stages of the transaction - from applying to the agency and reviewing the real estate until the keys are received.

· Reasonable prices - during the selection of real estate, the relevance of the cost and the real state of the property is important.

· Fair and transparent payment for the services of our agency - there are no hidden overpayments.

No matter how narrow and rigid the client's requirements for the desired real estate were, if such an object takes place to be put up for sale, our managers will certainly find it!

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