Registration of organizations

Spain is a comfortable country for doing business, the government and tax authorities do not create obstacles, but even stimulate the development of entrepreneurship, offer incentives for newly established companies and individuals.

The business in Spain can be formalized and put into operation by both residents and non-residents, but in any case, strict observance of all rules is required, for which it is necessary to thoroughly know the laws of this country.

The company "MFC - Multifunctional Center" offers services for the registration of a company in Spain. High professionalism and extensive practice allow you to quickly prepare documents and fix them in special bodies (the whole process will take about two weeks), as well as save the client a decent amount (about 400 euros a month) with further business support.

Stages of registration of an organization in Spain

Determination of the company name

The Chamber of Commerce (located in Madrid) provides several options for the future name of the company, after which the official reconciles with the register (it takes 15 days) to determine the original proposal. With our help, this stage is held in a few days (the cost of verification - from 50 euros). The uniqueness of the name is preserved for 3 months with the possibility of extending for the same period.

Obtaining the foreigner identification number

Even if such a document is available, then after 3 months it is required to "update" the country's immigration service.

Registration with the tax inspection

This stage is passed by residents and citizens of Spain, but a non-resident must visit the tax service, fill out the form and register for primary accounting.

Opening a bank account

The procedure is necessary for the further introduction of statutory funds. To open an account, you must provide a Certificate confirming the right to the name of the company. Already the client of the bank receives the certificate of the Certado del Desembolso Efectuado.

Specifying the legal address

Information can be real, that is, at the location of the company, or you can specify our address.

Drawing up of legal documents of the organization

Escritura is a document that includes a charter and a memorandum of association. It describes in Spanish the type (s) of the company's activities (for each type there is a separate digital code) and indicates how it is planned to organize the work.

Of course, the client can save money and simply download a standard document from an Internet resource, but such a "paper" is unlikely to satisfy the special bodies of Spain, and will be returned for revision. It should be noted that any change in the document will cost the same amount that was paid for when submitting the original document, therefore it is better to entrust Escritura to our specialists.

Notarization of the act of establishing a company

Statutory documents are checked by a notary for compliance with the submitted data with Spanish legislation, are certified by him.

Registration with the Tax Inspectorate

Here, the already certified documents are examined, the company is registered and a temporary fiscal number (NIF) is assigned to it.

Registration in the Trade Register of Spain

The process usually takes up to a month, but our specialists speed it up to several days.

Obtaining a permanent number in the tax service

After registration of documents they are again submitted to the tax inspection, which assigns a permanent number.

Obtaining a digital certificate

This is necessary for the possibility of access for electronic tax reporting and activation of a bank account. The digital certificate is issued in the Casa de la Moneda y Timbre - the administrative body.

Activation of a bank account

In the bank where the temporary account was opened, documents on the company registration are submitted, after which (after a couple of days) the entrepreneur gets access to the account, pay taxes, bills, etc., that is, engage in business.

The final stage is the registration of employees of the organization in the insurance authorities of the country, the conclusion of the contract for outsourcing to obtain accounting services, etc.

The company "MFC - Multifunctional Center" conducts registration of organizations with the direct presence of the client in the country, as well as by proxy. We work with enterprises of various forms and throughout Spain.

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