Concierge service

Care of the garden and pool
Maintaining the purity of the garden and the pool is not just a tribute to beauty, but also an urgent necessity, creating a healthy microclimate of the territory. It is not so easy to organize worthy care by own forces, especially if it is a question of large enough plots.The company "Multifunctional Center" provides a service with a high level of quality.

Features of work

Regardless of what the customer ordered, we adhere to an integrated approach:

Caring for the garden involves cutting the bushes, leveling the lawn, regular watering and introducing specialized fertilizers, pest control, sanitary treatment of plants to prevent diseases, garters of climbing plants and so on.
Care of the pool also includes a full set of works: cleaning and sanitizing bowls, regular cleaning of filters, applying a protective composition to prevent the flowering of water (it always remains crystal clear and transparent), maintaining an ideal level of acidity.

Connection to power and water networks

Buying or building your own property in Spain is a huge joy! However, in order to make the house comfortable for living, it is necessary to puzzle its connection to electricity and water supply. Solving this issue without proper experience is not so easy to save time and is guaranteed to avoid problems, we recommend contacting our company "Multifunctional Center".
The exact connection scheme of an object depends on its status. For example, if you are talking about a newly built facility, you can not do without a certificate of connection (Boletin de Enganche), which is issued by the company or a specialist who performed wiring. You can not do without providing the relevant documentation, payment of duties and other operations necessary for the implementation of state registration. The company "Multifunctional Center" takes all these troubles on itself, lawyers know all the subtleties of the Spanish legislation, thanks to which the desired result is achieved.
Please note that we also have our own rating of energy companies in Spain, which allows you to choose the best option for your region, which offers the most favorable offers.

Assistance in purchasing furniture, household appliances, cars

  The life of modern man is difficult to imagine without good furniture, cars, household appliances. If you are planning to go to Spain soon, you want to get all the listed things on arrival, then the company "Multifunctional Center" will help with their purchase.

Why choose us?

Contact us for a number of reasons:

We strictly follow the client's requirements for expenses. The firm works directly with large suppliers, which makes it possible to purchase the right models at prices much lower than in regular retail stores.
We bear financial responsibility before the client, spending means implying strict accountability, all checks are saved and provided on demand.
We take on not only the purchase, but also the subsequent installation of furniture on the site.
If it concerns the acquisition of a vehicle, we are ready to deal with the preparation of an insurance contract and other documents that simplify the daily operation required by Spanish law.
Enterprise "Multifunctional Center" offers very favorable financial conditions, more loyal than competitors.

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