Making a mortgage in Spain

Mortgage loans are a great help for people who dream of buying their own property in Spain. Its design, however, is fraught with many pitfalls, it is difficult to circumvent those without proper experience and knowledge of local laws. In order not to face difficulties, we recommend contacting the professional agency "Multifunctional Center"!
What issues do we solve?
Specialists of "Multifunctional Center" help to make out the following points:
Selection of the optimal rate. Practice shows that for residents of Spain the optimal option is optimal, for non-residents - floating.
Assistance in collecting documentation. Spanish banks require a certificate of income, references from a permanent job, extracts from the tax inspection, letters of recommendation and other papers. The more documents a client provides, the less is the interest rate.
Selection of a partner bank. Our lawyers have their own rating of Spanish banks, compiled taking into account all the important moments, which makes it possible to make an ideal choice.
Assistance in the transfer of funds from the applicant's account to the account of the selected banking organization.
Thus, the maintenance of obtaining a mortgage with the help of "Multifunctional Center" is a guarantee of full legal purity of the transaction, security and the most effective use of funds!

Consultation on taxation

As in any state, Spain has its own system of taxation, which controls persons who receive income on the territory of the country. Not everyone can immediately understand its rules, understand which forms and declarations need to be oriented in order to pay taxes in full compliance with the law. In order not to run into trouble, we recommend getting professional advice in our "Multifunctional Center" center.

We conduct consultations on the following issues:

Determine your current tax status. In other words, we will help you to understand whether you need to pay taxes in Spain at all.
Determination of the form by which the declaration is submitted. In the state there are different forms, they are designed for different categories of persons.
Determination of income from which taxes are required, as well as the amount of deductions.
Correctness of filling in declarations.
Consultations in the event of disputes with tax authorities.

The staff of the "Multifunctional Center" employs exclusively qualified specialists, whose experience allows us to understand the most difficult situations. We also guarantee democratic prices and efficiency!

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