Representation of interests

Acquisition of citizenship, residence permit, registration of a residence permit - all these actions involve contact with the state authorities of Spain. Far from always a person has sufficient experience, a reserve of time and energy to effectively solve bureaucratic issues. To save your nerves, to cope with the task at hand, we recommend that you contact Multifunctional Center.

A complex approach

The company provides a full range of services that involve contact with government authorities:

Registration of registration (collection of documentation, fee payment);
Solving issues in court (here you can talk about the entire range of court proceedings, including labor, property, commercial and other disputes);
Registration of enterprises and other activities, implying the need to apply to the tax authorities;
Payment of taxes, preparation of accompanying documentation;
Obtaining a residence permit, NIE and other important documents.

The company "Multifunctional Center" employs exclusively qualified lawyers, able to cope with the most difficult task. We give a guarantee of democratic prices, efficiency and efficiency!

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