Registration of enterprises 

Spain is a country with a stable developed economy, it's no wonder that many decide to open their own enterprise here. Of course, this step requires a lot of initial capital, but the payback of a business, with the right choice of direction, takes only a couple of years. Of course, without specialized knowledge and understanding of local legislation, it is unlikely to open a business. In such a situation, the organization "Multifunctional Center" is ready to come to the rescue. 
Features of registration

In the course of these operations, the following organizational issues are resolved:

Economic relations with the state are possible only after receipt by the person of NIE, in this the company renders direct assistance.
The choice of the organizational and legal form of the enterprise, the most common are Sociedad Limitata and AO (Sociedad Anonima).
Preparation of necessary documentation, registration in the Chamber of Commerce and taxation authorities, hiring of personnel. There are no trifles here, every nuance is important.

We draw your attention to the fact that the company "Multifunctional Center" assists not only in the registration process, but also directly in the course of carrying out business activities, which relieves the client of numerous hassles, allows to concentrate on solving more important tasks

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