Eviction ocupas

Statistics show that every year in Spain is becoming more "ocupas", that is, people illegally residing on the property. Experts associate this trend with the protracted economic crisis, some families simply do not have a source of income for the timely repayment of a lease or a mortgage. If you happen to encounter such a problem, you do not need to solve it yourself, experts from the "Multifunctional Center" are ready to help you deal with illegal immigrants.

Features of work

Contacting the company is beneficial for the following reasons:

The service is in full compliance with the current requirements of the legislation, that is guaranteed the absence of any legal trouble.
The minimum terms. Persuasive arguments, the involvement of police and state supervisors - all this makes it possible to evict illegal immigrants in a matter of hours.
Efficiency. Using the right levers of influence and persuasion ensures that 99% of illegal tenants immediately express their readiness to leave the apartment, house or other real estate object.

The company "Multifunctional Center" not only works directly with "ocupas", but also helps to take measures, excluding the possibility of their penetration into the object. The installation of alarms, the installation of reliable locks, grills and doors - all this contributes to the achievement of the required level of safety and the absence of problems in the future!

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