Repair and finishing work of any complexity

Finishing the premises is an integral part of the comfort and beauty of the newly constructed facility. The company "Multifunctional Center" has been providing similar services in Spain for several years, guaranteeing a high-quality result at a very democratic cost.
Professional approach
In the process of finishing and repair, we strictly adhere to the following rules:
Careful selection of finishing materials, they must satisfy the customer's wishes, be of high quality, unpretentiousness and durability, combined with each other.
Preliminary development of the project. To ensure that the appearance of the rooms after the finishing touched the client to the taste, we create a sketch in advance, which is approved and serves as a basis for further work.
A complex approach. If the building is not in very good condition, then it is not a simple cosmetic repair, but a full restoration. The skills of our experts are enough to strengthen the walls, replace the rough floors, lay a new roof covering, strengthen the truss structures.

The company "Multifunctional Center" renders services in all regions of Spain, to register an order simply contact one of the managers!

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