Opening an account with a bank

Opening an account in a Spanish bank is a simple procedure that does not require solving a lot of problems, however, assuming the client has sufficient experience. In order to correctly translate and study all the accompanying documentation, quickly collect the necessary papers, make contributions and fees at no extra cost, we recommend contacting our company "Multifunctional Center".

Types of accounts
The enterprise assists in opening the following types of accounts:

Nomina (account for the transfer of wages). The main advantage - the lack of maintenance costs, the opening occurs if there is an employment agreement or a stable replenishment of the account to be opened.
Standard account. When opening it is necessary to replenish it for 100 euros, the cost of service per month starts from 20 euros.
A deposit account is needed for the initial investment of own funds and further profit in the form of interest.
Accounts for organizations. These accounts are the most attractive for banks, since it assumes a constant and stable financial turnover. Not surprisingly, the opening and maintenance involves a lot of bonuses and benefits.

The help of specialists "Multifunctional Center" is the most reliable way to exclude any problems and delays associated with opening an account. We guarantee a first-class result with minimal expenses!

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