All types of transfers

The importance of transport in modern life is difficult to underestimate, every traveler (or even a permanent resident) periodically needs transfers in Spain. Organizing them on their own is quite difficult, this requires specialized knowledge and established contacts. To save time, effort and money when ordering this service, it is better to contact our company "Multifunctional Center". 
What can we offer?
The organization is engaged in processing the following types of transfers:

• Private transfers (individual and group). To carry out trips, the most diverse transport is used, from ordinary cars to airplanes (charter flights).
• Freight transfers. Excellent solution to problems when moving. Specialists of our company organize transportation of significant quantities of goods, guarantee its full safety, unload at the place of arrival.

The company "Multifunctional Center" also provides additional services, for example, can arrange a meeting at the airport, arrange a transfer of the tourist group, accompanied by a qualified guide.

We constantly monitor offers of competitors, we offer more favorable financial conditions. Qualified specialists guarantee the perfect result!

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