Escort of the transaction

Transactions with real estate always involve carrying out financial transactions with large amounts, concealing many pitfalls. A small mistake can lead to loss of money, the recognition of the agreement as illegal, litigation, waste of time and energy. If you need to buy or sell property in Spain, contact the company "Multifunctional Center" to be guaranteed to protect yourself from problems.

Features of work

Our lawyers provide the following services:

Consultations on legal, tax and financial issues;
Execution of a package of documents, verification of the legitimacy of all papers;
Analysis of the property (its current state, previous owners);
Providing the client with complete information about possible problems that may occur during the registration process;
Assistance with the elimination of violations established in the verification process (for example, when buying real estate with encumbrance, inadequate documentation of the area, re-planning);
Registration of documents confirming the fact of transfer of advance payment;
Finalizing the final agreement between the buyer and the seller.
Thus, the company "Multifunctional Center" assists at all stages of the process, which guarantees absolute safety!

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