Insurance of real estate

Real estate insurance (Seguro de hogar) in Spain is a useful service for people who own commercial or residential real estate. It allows you to protect yourself from various troubles, including fires, floods, floods, thefts. In all these situations, substantial financial compensation from the insurer is assumed, which allows to exclude cash losses.

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The company "Multifunctional Center" provides the following services related to real estate insurance:

Search agency. We have compiled our own rating of Spanish companies specializing in this service, we will help you to choose the most reliable and profitable option, regardless of the province in which the contract is concluded.
Legal support of the transaction. Our specialists are present at the conclusion of the contract, carefully study the paper so that it does not contain blurry formulations and other nuances, because of which controversial situations can be interpreted in favor of the insurer.
Control over payment of compensation. If an insured event has occurred, the specialists of "Multifunctional Center" will check that the funds due under the contract have been paid to the client in full within the strictly stipulated terms.

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