Accompaniment to the doctor

Appealing to a doctor in Spain, it would seem, is a fairly simple and routine procedure, especially if there is an insurance policy and a certain amount of cash for insurance. Unfortunately, many Russians have problems related to various reasons. To get qualified medical care without unnecessary hassle and expense, we recommend that you contact the specialists of our company "Multifunctional Center"!
What problems do we solve?
The lawyers of the enterprise will deal with the following troubles:
Search for a medical clinic specified in the insurance policy. This does not always happen, some documents imply the possibility of servicing in any institution, but cheaper policies strictly limit the range of establishments where one can rely on help.
The language barrier. Without knowledge of specialized vocabulary it is not easy to explain the cause of the ailment, the symptoms, to understand the doctor's recommendations and prescriptions. Translators of "Multifunctional Center" will deal with this trouble.
If there is a client's desire, we will help to find a doctor from Russia in Spain. For some, the appeal to a compatriot is easier from a psychological point of view.

The firm "Multifunctional Center" adheres to the policy of low prices and reacts promptly to all incoming appeals, which is extremely important in this situation!

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