Translation of documents

Even our compatriots, who live in Spain for a long time, periodically experience difficulties due to insufficient knowledge of the language. In particular, this applies to specialized vocabulary, which happens when translating technical or medical texts, specialized documents. In such a situation, we recommend that you seek the assistance of qualified translators of the company "Multifunctional Center".

What services do we provide?

Translation of documents. Here you can talk about a wide range of papers, including birth certificates, driving licenses, various certificates.
Translations of specialized texts. Technical, medical, legal papers.
Oral translation. Useful service when calling a doctor, organizing a conference. There is also the provision of simultaneous interpretation services.
Legalization of transfers. In other words, putting special stamps saying that a document translated from its foreign counterpart is valid, can be used as evidence in court, by various state authorities.

The staff of the enterprise "Multifunctional Center" employs exclusively qualified specialists who are ready to cope with the most complex translations with minimal time costs!

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