Organization of lease

Many owners of real estate in Spain use it not for their own residence, but for renting, which guarantees a good stable income. Of course, Spanish law controls this market, the violation of certain points provokes huge fines in relation to the owner, reaching up to 30 thousand euros. In order not to face such problems, we recommend that you entrust the organization of the lease to the lawyers of the company "Multifunctional Center".

Attention to detail

Lawyers of the company strictly monitor compliance with the following requirements:

State registration of the object leased;
Payment of a 25 percent tax on income, which gives all income received from rent, the status of official;
Registration of a legitimate agreement between the tenant and the lessor;
Control over the timely payment of utilities;
Preliminary inventory of the property located on the object leased. This makes it possible in the future to avoid conflict situations, provoked by damage or loss of personal belongings of the owner.

We draw your attention that the specialists of the company "Multifunctional Center" are ready not only to document the preparation of the object for leasing, but also to control all revenues received from such activities. We will transfer them to the customer's bank account or otherwise dispose of them based on the requirements put forward. Work is conducted in all regions of Spain!

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