Property management

Many of the owners of their own property in Spain decide to lease it. This approach allows you to with minimal financial burden to extinguish a mortgage, to compensate for actual expenses or simply to receive a stable income. As in any other country, the lease of real estate is a rather complicated transaction from a legal point of view. To the effect of its conclusion was purely positive, you need to pay close attention to the study of all the items, in which the specialists of the company "Multifunctional Center" are ready to help.

Questions to be Solved

The employees of the firm understand the following points:

The choice of the optimal form of rent. There are long-term and short-term options, the selection is made individually, based on the wishes and requirements of the client.
Income management. According to the law, the state deducts 24% of rental income, and property taxes also apply. The company relieves the owner of the worries related to payments, takes over all financial transactions, guarantees strict accountability and legitimacy.
Legal support of all stages of registration of the transaction.

The assistance of the specialists of the "Multifunctional Center" is a guarantee that the rent will become a truly profitable business, will bring a considerable income without any problems and troubles!

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