Insurance of rent

Renting a property for rent in Spain is a great way of income.

Unfortunately, sometimes owners have to deal with unscrupulous tenants who refuse to fulfill their obligations under a contract that do not pay in a timely manner the rent. Of course, in such situations it is necessary to understand with the help of lawyers, but the insurance of rent, in which the specialists of the company "Multifunctional Center" are ready to help is a great way to exclude financial problems.

Under the concept of rent insurance also falls and insurance directly to the real estate object, granted for temporary use, whether it is an apartment, a cottage or even an office. Experts document the status of real estate, hold a inventory of the property left. Corruption or loss is an indisputable reason for paying financial compensation.

The company "Multifunctional Center" has been operating in the Spanish market for a long time, is aware of which insurance agencies are the most reliable, offer the most loyal terms to the client. This allows you to work with maximum efficiency at a democratic price!

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