Construction of villas

The construction of villas in Spain - an excellent investment of savings. The property can be used for both your own residence and for renting, which allows you to receive a stable income. Of course, in the process of construction it is necessary to follow a lot of legislative acts and regulations, that without proper experience and knowledge is not easy. Help in this are ready specialists of the company "Multifunctional Center"!

Qualified help!

Employees of "Multifunctional Center" solve the following issues:

Assistance in purchasing a land plot of the appropriate status (land in Spain is classified according to destination), which has all the communications necessary for comfortable living.
Submission of documentation for construction, payment of all fees and duties.
Conclusion of the contract with the construction team, which will deal with the main works. We draw attention to the fact that builders must have a license, otherwise there is a high probability of penalties and penalties.
Implementation of the whole main range of works, including preparation and pouring of the foundation, erection of walls and supporting structures, final external and internal finishing, including improvement of the adjacent territory.
Thus, with the assistance of the company "Multifunctional Center" the erection of the house becomes a much simpler task, we control all stages of the process, exclude the possibility of any problems with legislation and minimize costs!

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