Conclusion of contracts

Buying or building your own property in Spain is a very important event, but in order for the object to be fully adapted to comfortable living, it is necessary to take care of its connection to public utilities. In this process there are many nuances, the solution of which is possible only with the availability of specialized knowledge. They are related to the past status of the object, the change in the form of ownership and other things. In order not to get confused in these moments, we recommend entrusting the process to the lawyers of our company "Multifunctional Center".

Our specialists will help with the conclusion of the following agreements:

Supply of electricity and gas. The most popular Spanish companies providing these services are Iderdrola, Endesa, Gas Natural Fenosa. The conclusion of the contract is based on the data of the owner and the account from which the payment is written off.
Water pipes. The choice of organization depends on the region of residence, as the areas of activity of suppliers are strictly limited territorially.
Internet and telephone line. According to Spanish law, the phone can only be connected with a residence permit. With the Internet it's easier - just buy a special communication card.

The assistance of the specialists of the "Multifunctional Center" is a guarantee that all issues will be solved quickly, effectively, with minimal financial expenses!

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