Spain is a country loyal to people who have come from other countries and who want to live here for a while or settle permanently. Compared with other countries, after 5 years of official residence in Spain, a person can obtain a permanent residence permit, which corresponds to the status of "citizen." A temporary document is also in demand, which provides enough rights, but limits the period of residence.
In order to obtain a residence permit, you must submit an application form, a passport, two color photographs of the size 2x3 cm, a birth certificate and marriage certificate, an extract from the bank account, a confirmation of non-conviction and a certificate of health status, a declaration of income.

Temporary residence permit

  Provides accommodation in the country from 90 days, but not more than five years. It is assumed several types of documents of this sample.
· Under the law of 2013. The owners of large capitals, located in Spanish banks, and bonds of the state loan of this country, owners of expensive real estate (from 500 thousand euros), merchants providing a positive decision from the special department in the Spanish embassy, ​​world-renowned scientists and specialists of the highest level receive money.
· No profit. Guarantees are provided for the financial viability of the applicant. To enter the country, a visa of type D is issued with the further provision of a person with a resident card with an official residence for 1 year, and the possibility of further extension for another 2 years.
· For family members of EU citizens. Already the first document is issued for five years, but it is considered impermanent and loses its relevance if the foreigner has not been in the country for more than six months.
· For family reunion. The validity of the document is similar to the term of residence permit of the resident, with whom the reunification takes place.
· For employment without the need for a contract. To get the document, you need to provide a business project that is planned to open in Spain, or specify an object with the intention of investing it. Without fail, the applicant confirms that he has sufficient capital or provides obligations from the sponsoring business organizations.
· For business travelers abroad. They issue a residence permit of this type to employees of companies whose branches are located in Spain.
· For contract work. Permits from specialized Spanish organizations are required here, after consideration of which a working visa is issued for the entire period of stay of an immigrant in the country.
· Permit for people released from the need to obtain a work permit. Such persons include people engaged in scientific activities, heads of large companies, teachers and professors, cultural workers, members of government, representative, administrative and commercial bodies, ministers of various religions, military, representatives of civil authorities, underage children who are under the care of organizations, protecting the rights of the child. In any case, to provide a residence permit will require a document from a Spanish institution or organization that is interested in this person.
· For highly skilled workers. The basic package of documents is accompanied by a residence permit issued by the employer company.
· For students, students at specialized courses, students. The main package of documents is accompanied by confirmation of admission to a particular educational institution in Spain.
· Due to special circumstances. Request for a residence permit can send victims of violence, foreigners requesting political asylum, illegal immigrants who have exceptional circumstances.

Permanent residence permit

  · For family members of citizens residing in the countries of the European Union. Residence permit is granted after living in Spain for 5 years, while the resident card must have a validity period of 10 years.
· Long-term residence permit. It is issued to people who are not citizens or family members of EU or Swiss citizens, but who are lawfully present in Spain for five years.
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