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Assistance in purchasing furniture, household appliances, cars

The life of modern man is difficult to imagine without good furniture, cars, household appliances. If you are planning to go to Spain soon, you want to get all the listed things on arrival, then the company "Multifunctional Center" will help with their purchase.

Why choose us?

Contact us for a number of reasons:

We strictly follow the client's requirements for expenses. The firm works directly with large suppliers, which makes it possible to purchase the right models at prices much lower than in regular retail stores.
We bear financial responsibility before the client, spending means implying strict accountability, all checks are saved and provided on demand.
We take on not only the purchase, but also the subsequent installation of furniture on the site.
If it concerns the acquisition of a vehicle, we are ready to deal with the preparation of an insurance contract and other documents that simplify the daily operation required by Spanish law.
The company "Multifunctional Center" has representative offices in all Spanish provinces, offers very favorable financial conditions, more loyal than competitors.

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