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Why is it profitable to sell or rent out your property through our agency?

We are about to tell you how real estate agents work in Spain (and perhaps all over the world) and why sometimes it is so hard to sell property without the help of a real estate agent.

In reality it is so easy! It's pure psychology!

Have you ever noticed how people change their attitude towards any action if they are motivated? Some child may be eager to go play soccer and you could never force him to take piano lessons!

In the real estate market the same rules apply! Only motivation or interest can encourage a real estate agent to sell any given property. Agents love their work!

Think about it! If a person sells property on a daily basis! Who has a better chance to make a sale? Is it you or a real estate agent? It's obvious! The real estate agent! A real estate agent with an established reputation has a lot of customers.

People come to Spain to buy property yet they never contact you directly (as an owner), but go to an estate agent instead, who knows how to attract customers to the Spanish market and does everything to keep them in the market! Do you really expect them to dig the local websites in order to find your apartment and offer it to the customer? Don't be delusional! The agent will only sell what's in their database! And what the owner has entrusted them with!

Can you hold major advertising campaigns on the Internet and other platforms in order to attract customers? No, you can't. You don't have time for that! But an agency has a frame for that!

And it is the most exciting part! The owners often do not sign exclusive sales agreements with the agency, as they mistakenly believe the agency would not sell it! It's a misconception! If you allow exclusive sales, it makes selling your property very profitable for the agency because the real estate agent is guaranteed to get their commission which can as well be split by other realtors in the region that help us sell your property!

So, what's the outcome? On one hand, you have no confidence in the agency, a web-site where you shared your property and no professionals willing to sell it because they will not benefit from it. On the other hand, the agent is highly motivated to sell your property!

Sometimes the client is being inconsistent! Imagine this: you told the agent to sell your property! But you didn't sign any agreements! The agent ran an advertising campaign (which they paid for!), started selling your apartment, but the next day you have changed your mind. Could this happen? Ask yourself! Would it be profitable for you to run around trying to sell someone's property if there's a chance it would be in vain? We don't think so!

What do we offer?

On our website you can share you property for sale or for rent. And it's absolutely free! Sign a NON-exclusive sale contract with us (the contract is to ensure us that you're determined to sell your property) and trust us! You will be able to sell your property sooner and won't be limited by an exclusive sale contract!

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